About Cathleen


Cathleen Fountain is deeply committed to serving our Country.  Three generations of her family members have served in the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

As a U.S. Navy Veteran, Cathleen Fountain has a strong sense of community, integrity and an understanding of the need to dedicate one’s self to public service.  Challenges are not new to Cathy.  She was born with Spina Bifida, undergoing successful surgery as a young child.  As a young adult, Cathy was one of an anticipated 500 women to enlist in the Naval Nuclear Power Program between 1978 and 1980.  One of her most rewarding moments, was the day a veteran recovering from two surgeries for brain tumors, whom she had tutored, passed college Algebra. 

Clearly Cathleen understands the importance of service and the many sacrifices and challenges faced by military family members.   She understands the needs of veterans served by the VA.  One family member was impacted by agent orange during their tour of duty in Vietnam.  Another family member is currently disabled, following their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  She also has firsthand experience in the VA system.

Cathleen’s experiences led to her strong commitment to help fight for all of us, as a veteran and as she transitioned from active duty to civilian life as a wife and mother.   She ran for the NH House District Coös 7 seat in 2018, winning the endorsements of President Barack Obama, Congressman Seth Moulton’s Serve America initiative and Vote Vets Emerging Leader Program.